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Backups - Eventually Everyone Needs Them

The sad truth is that eventually almost every company already has or will experience some form of data loss. Whether due to human error, virus, or hardware failure your important client files and information are at risk. Without proper backups you are knowingly playing Russian roulette with your company's valuable assets.

Are You Prepared?

When a problem occurs can you easily restore your important files? Would you be back up and running quickly with minimal down time? Or would your business be stopped or disrupted for an extended period of time? What would be the cost to recovering from the disaster (if possible)? What is the cost in lost productivity and opportunity time? How long would it take you to manually retype all your client information? What is the right balance between risk and cost for a backup solution? Which of your data is critical for your company to survive and run?

We Can Help

Could you afford to have your business be 'down' for a few days or weeks? Unfortunately, wishful thinking can't bring back your lost information. Your time and information are priceless business assets — we can help protect them.

We help our clients protect their valuable information assets. We implement a Backup Strategy that includes configuring automated backup scripts, documentation of the backup procedure, and provide training as requested to ensure that staff are familiar with running and verifying the backup procedure.

We bring security and peace of mind to your valuable data.

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