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What is Content Management?

Content Management systems make it easier to update and maintain your web site -- saving you time and money. We offer a variety of solutions ranging from simple online web maintenance screens where your staff can update your information over the web to full template and content management systems that keep track of your whole site.

A Solid Foundation

Content management helps build your web site on a SOLID foundation. This makes it easier, faster, and less expensive to maintain and add to your web site over time. Are broken links a pain? Our template systems let you spend more time focusing on updating the content of your site instead of the hassles of keeping the layout and navigation up to date.

How it Works

Our template system works by separating a web page into five components:
  • Headers and footers - The building blocks for your site's look.
  • Layout - the relative placement of each building block on the page
  • Navigation - The menus on your site
  • Logic - Any behind the scenes database and programming
  • Content - The information about your company and services
Our system comes with working sample Templates and components. To suit your business needs you can customize or create new templates and components as required.

Features and Benefits

Separating and centralizing these elements has various advantages. Navigation Templates make it much easier to avoid broken links and keep your site's navigation working while reorganizing content. Centralizing aspects of your site means that you change the look and layout of your site simply and the change will update your whole site without having to edits tens or hundreds of pages.

Update Your Web Site Time and Cost Effectively

We can help your business save cost and headaches. We would be happy to provide you with additional information on our contact management and web solutions.

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