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Database Services Overview

Through our previous experience with designing, building, and implementing a range of database systems including Oracle, MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL, and IBM DB2 we can provide a variety of Database related services including:

Database and Application Design Consulting

Our database consulting consists of the following main areas:
  • Data Model Design and Review
  • Process Analysis and Reengineering
  • Part of your Development team
  • Our database implementation team

Data Model Design and Review

Our team has vast experience in requirements gathering and designing complex database systems. Our senior architects have over thirty years of experience designing, implementing, and quality assuring large real-time, multi-user, and client server applications in the banking, Securities, Finance and Brokerage Industry. We are experts at business process modeling and needs analysis. We can provide review for both architectural and process documentation for new or redesign projects for process reengineering. We specialize in redesigning business processes to minimize paperwork, reduce duplication of input and effort. We also design to improve communication, work flow, and accountability through electronic sign offs, and audit trails.

We can provide an in-depth review of your Data Models to ensure a sound basis for future and current business needs. Systems that have gone through a comprehensive and forward thinking needs analysis and design phase have the immediate benefits of the project specifications being much clearer. This results in better adherance to project development timelines, higher success rate of delivering applications that meet the end user and business needs, and higher product quality. Long term benefits include better stability, scalability, and extensibility.

Process Analysis and Reengineering

Process reenginerring is the act of examining a process and finding ways to make it more efficient. See our Process Reengineering section for more details.

Part of your Development Team

We can design a system for you from the ground up or our consultants can work with your existing staff to participate and contribute to the formation and implementation of development team processes, including design and coding methodologies, code walkthroughs, deliverable contents and signoffs.

We can be an asset to your staff providing critical technical and project management support. This can include the day-to-day involvement in performance tests, physical architecture reviews, design reviews, development processes, SWAT team solution reviews, code walkthroughs, and acting as technical and process improvement advisors.

Database Implementation Team

Our database implementation team has experience writing real-time, multi-user, client server applications. We are experienced in various low-level database programming including:
  • Database Server Configuration
  • Database Table design
  • Database query and view creation
  • Database tuning
  • Stored procedure construction on a variety of databases including Oracle PL SQL
  • Writing multi-user client-server Windows and web applications that make use of a central database.

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