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How to Get Started?

If you are already familiar with the basics of setting up a web site then you may wish to skip this section. In this page we cover topics such as:

Your web site should be an effectively part of your marketing team. We build sites that help find, inform, and service customers cost effectively. If you have a question about how to create, improve, or promote your web site give us a call.

Why Do I Need a Web Site?

One of the most compelling reason to have a web site is that every day more people are discovering that the internet is a great tool for finding and researching products and services they are interested in from the convenience and comfort of their own home or office. When these people are going online are they finding your products? Are they finding your competitors?

Your web site can be there 24-hours a day to showcase your company and it's products. It is more cost effective to give your client the address of your web site than to mail them a brochure. However, a web site can be more than just an online brochure of what your company offers. It can be a source of useful information in areas related to your company's products that create interest and provide information. For example, a web site selling cars could provide information on calculating gas mileage, proper service and maintenance. It is this extra information that will help portray your company as a friendly source of useful and relevant information and an authority on this subject, in this case cars.

Why Register a Domain Name Now?

For a commercial web site you need to register a domain name such as yourcompany.com and/or yourcompany.ca. The Internet domain name game is like the old claim staking gold rush days. If someone else registers mycoolcompanyname.com and stakes their claim before you do then you are out of luck. You will either have to choose another domain name or or potentially have a very expensive task of trying to buy the domain name from someone else.

If your company.com domain name has not already been taken my advice is to register this immediately before someone else stakes your claim. It could be the best couple of dollars you ever spend. Once you have your domain name locked in you can put up your web site at an opportune time.

How do I Register a Domain Name?

Unlike a few years ago, there are now many companies, such as Intercosmos Media's DirectNic service at http://www.directNIC.com that perform this service. You should do your own research in terms of price and free add-ons to find the one that best suits your needs - that's what the Internet is good for! You can see the complete list of companies that can register a domain for you at www.icann.org/registrars/accredited-list.html.

Search Engines

The next most important part of a web site is to make sure that end users searching for your product or service can find you on the web. This is accomplished by submitting your site to a variety of search engines. To ensure the search engines index and catalog your sites efficiently you should prepare your web page prior to submission. This is accomplished by adding HTML (hyper text markup language) codes such as Meta and Title Tags to your web page. These tags may not be visible to the end user but are read by the Internet search engines and are used to categorized and index your site.

Another tip for some of the search engines is to have other relevant web sites link back to you. For example, if a car dealership

The higher you rank in the search engine results, the more likely it will be that people will visit your site. Most people will not inspect more than the first hundred results. If your web site does not show up in this range even after serious tweaking it may be worth pay the search engines to increase your ranking.

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