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FLASH Animation

What is Flash Animation?

Flash is a cool way to add a strong graphical and interactive punch to your web site.

Is Flash For Me?

If you have an audio-visual, entertainment, or other site where your audience expects and wants something more on the cool side of things then flash may be just the ticket for you.

Read the sections below and weigh the pros and cons to see if flash is for you. Know your market. To your own audience be true!


Flash can provide nifty animated and interactive effects limited only by your imagination and budget. Some of the most creative web sites on the Internet were developed with Flash.


Not everyone is running the latest bleeding edge web browsers and can run the latest flash animations. If your audience is primarily on slow dial-up connections large flash animations may be a pain. A site that is too glitzy may distract from the message you are trying to convey. It also costs more to design a site in flash.

Our Philosophy

When designing a web site we try and recommend the right fit between sizzle and steak for your business.

Our Team (Of "Flashers":)

If you've looked at your market and done the glitz vs. content balancing act and are ready for a dose of flash to your site you've come to the right place. We have several talented 'flash animation gurus' on the J.E.B. Solution digital media team. Here are some samples of some flash effects created by us and our BC DesignTekz affiliates. If you have something in mind let us know! We can put our creativity to work on your project!

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