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Graphic Design

Looking to add some visual appeal to your print our digital media? Our graphic design team is able to handle a wide range of Graphic Design related projects including:

Web Graphics and Animation

Our staff includes professionals who have worked in the graphic industry in both print and web media for many years. Our graphics designers can work with your existing corporate look or develop a custom look for you as required.

For our clients that require a more interactive or animated content our graphics team can create animated introductions, graphics, and banners for your site in a variety of formats including animated GIFs and Macromedia Flash.

Graphics Arts: Print and Publishing

In addition to web design our team is also able to handle both web and traditional "paper" type graphics including logos, business cards, and typesetting.

Our team is familiar with the graphics arts and desk top publishing products creating print-ready material using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe ImageStyler, Adobe Dimensions, Adobe Acrobat (Expert in using PDF tools for various output for print and web), Macromedia Fontographer, Adobe InDesign, QuarkXpress, and Adobe Photoshop.

Our team has over fifteen years of experience working with database publishing, and the simultaneous print and electronic production and distribution of complex, high value publications with an eye on new and emerging applications and technologies. This includes WEB publishing, electronic document management, and demand printing applications running under VAX/VMS, UNIX Solaris and Windows. We are also experienced in dealing with SGML/XML and the practical aspects of implementing production systems built upon a foundation of data sources based on content encoding schemes.

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