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Management Consulting

Team Building

  • We work to inspire and enable people to do their best
  • Build group esteem by exploring contributions and group assets.
  • Learn to focus on group strength by exploring contribution and commitment to goals.
  • Empower the group to "speak the unspeakable" by providing a safe environment in which to discuss difficult "people" issues.
  • Develop a "template" for the group to address ongoing issues.
  • Involve Leadership as participants in the work of the group.

Process/Change Management

Technology Consultation

  • Not sure what path to take?
  • We are familiar with a wide variety of technology and development projects and can recommend a solution that fits YOUR business.
  • Can help steer you around troubled water to increase the success of your development projects

Requirements Gathering

  • Worked on RFP projects from both writing and responding to RFPs
  • Requirements gathering to clarify what the project goals and requirements are to make sure that the end result is a good fit to the end users and business needs.
  • Get buy in and input from end users

Software Development Project Management

  • Be it a database, web, or windows application development project
  • Create realistic deadlines and get staff buy in
  • Monitor progress and help stay on target
  • Manage project development and communicate status with upper management
  • Improve the development process for increased efficiency

General Terms / How we do it?

  • We work on a contract basis as required by our customers. This may range from a few days analysis and written report to ongoing support depending on your needs.
  • We also have staff to assist you in implementing any suggestions if requested.

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