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Our Approach: How Does it Work?

Sometimes an objective third party can find ways to improve your business that you might not have thought of. We are familiar both with business processes integration and IT solutions. We can suggest solutions to guide your business from where it is now to where you want to go.

We look at your business process from several angles:
  • The Business Side
    • What is the process trying to do? What are the end results?
    • Can these ends be achieved through other means?
    • Can critical information be recovered in the event of unforseen disaster?
  • The People/Staff Side
    • Who performs these tasks?
    • How are the tasks coordinated?
    • How is information passed between staff members?
    • Are tasks audited, and accountable?
    • How do you measure performance?
  • The People/Customer Side
    • What is it that the customer takes away
      • Direct value: product/service
      • Indirect: service, experience, atmosphere
      • How do you measure customer satisfaction?

Our Team

Our team has experience in many areas of process reengineering including:
  • Gathering business and user requirements
  • Analysing business processes
  • Data modeling and analysis
  • Application design
  • System integration
  • Familiarity with a wide range of technology solutions
With these skills our team can analyze your process for opportunities to streamline business operations. We can then bring a variety of price/performance options to the table and provide valuable information to help you make an informed choice.

Ask us for a free initial consultation to see if there are ways we can be of service to you.

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