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Domain Name Server Configuration

What is a Domain Name Server?

Domain Name Servers handle the job of translating your company.com name to a numeric dotted Internet address (e.g. translating jebsolutions.com is DNS Services allow your computer to find the location of remote computers on the Internet.

Do I Need my Own DNS Server?

Unless you have a specific business requirement that demands the flexibility of running your own DNS Server, it is recommended that you let your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or your web provider host your DNS for you. Your ISP can run multiple redundant DNS servers at an inexpensive rate, often free. We can work with you and your ISP to have the proper DNS records created for your Internet needs.

Our Team

If you are one of those who require their own DNS server, we have worked extensively configuring a variety of DNS servers including:
  • Unix nameservers
  • Microsoft Windows Server DNS Servers

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