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Networks allow staff to share information and resources cost effectively.

Whether you are in the office or on the go our networking team has the skills to connect you to your information. From setting up a local network and file sharing, emergency recovery, shared Internet Access, Firewalls and Internet Security, and remote access we offer cost effective solutions to safely connect you to your information.

Local Area Networks (LAN)

Setting up a Local Area Network (LAN) at your office location can allow you to efficiently and inexpensively share resources such as a files, printers, and internet access. We can configure file sharing on most Windows and/or UNIX/Linux system(s). We can configure simple peer to peer networking or dedicated servers for our customers concious of security, stability, and performance factors.

Internet Access

Need to get your office online? From email to web surfing we can share internet access accross your whole office. As spider man teaches us "With great power comes great responsibility". is also important.

Internet access is a balancing act. You need the convenient communication with your customers and the world from the comfort of your desk. Keeping your network safe and virus/spyware free is a necessary investment.

Firewalls and Internet Security

The Internet is such a valuable business resource that most companies can't afford to be without it. However, with the issues of network and Internet security ever present in the media, more businesses are becoming aware of the potential for liability and loss of revenue and business disruption due to a security incident. We can help you find a balance between security and peace of mind and and your pocket book. Our staff can protect your network and its data against hackers and inappropriate access. Services in this area include:
  • Router Configuration
  • Customized Unix-based Firewall/NAT/Proxy solutions
  • Installation of personal or enterprise level firewalls including and up to Custom dedicated Unix Firewall servers
  • Hub and network configuration
  • Virus prevention and emergency virus incident response. We can set up maintenance strategies to keep your system virus/spyware/worm free.

Remote Access

Once your LAN is setup and secured we can provide a variety of options to allow your employees to remotely access the office over the Internet:
  • VPN solutions
  • Windows Terminal Server/remote desktop
  • Unix (Linux/FreeBSD) Secure Shell (SSH)
  • Commercial remote access (PC Anywhere, Go2mypc, etc.)
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

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