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Web Applications

Unlike some Web Designers we do not just do graphic design. We can also handle web sites which require back end web programming and database design. Our web site design team can handle web projects ranging from:

Large Scale Web Internet/Intranet Web Applications

Our design team can also handle companies who require a more complex web presence. If you are hosting your Internet/Intranet site on your own web server site we can assist you in installing and configuring your web server from the ground up. Our team has experience writing large-scale business Internet/Intranet applications that run from a web browser including:
  • Time entry systems
  • Stock market simulations
  • Product catalogs
  • And other database driven web applications.
In all projects an important early step is sitting down and working with the client to develop clear specifications on what is possible, required from a business perspective, cost effective, and what will be built. Our forward thinking approach to screen layout, database design, business needs, and application architecture gives additional immediate value for your system in terms of quality and long-term benefits of expandability. A web application also has unique requirements including a possibly higher security requirement, the necessity of implicitly handling a user session, defense from mutation and replay attacks.

Web Development Skills

Our development team is familar with a variety of web scripting languages including:
  • Apache/PHP/MySQL/Web application and server tuning for better response time
  • PHP 4/5
  • JavaScript
  • Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP)
  • Perl
  • Allaire Cold Fusion
  • Java, including EJB development
  • Back end database programming including MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access. For more information see our database section

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