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When to Upgrade Your Computer

Your Most Expensive Option

The most expensive time to replace or upgrade your computer is when it's crashed.

You will pay to trouble shoot the problem. You'll pay to replace the faulty parts. You'll pay to try and get your data back in one piece (assuming you have backups).

Meanwhile your business is on hold. You're stuck twiddling your thumbs without a computer. Customers are inconvenienced and you're losing money. Welcome to the most expensive option. No doubt Murphy will make sure this happens at the worst possible moment!

Option 2 - Planned Upgrades

Cool, calm and in control. There are benefits to planning.

You aren't replacing your computer at a random time in the worst case scenario. Your in control of the schedule. Costs are more predictable and you can schedule the transition at a time of your choosing to minimize business disruption.

You're in the drivers seat - life is good!

How often should I upgrade?

This is a very good question. Most businesses upgrade on a 3 to 5 year cycle.

Time is money. It's a balance between cost of upgrading, risk, and how much of a benefit a new computer will bring.

The benefit of a new computer depends on how old the computer is and what you're using it for. Many businesses upgrade the key computers more often. This means critical servers, the boss's computer, and those using more resource-hungry programs.

Plain vanilla data entry, word processing, and basic email tasks don't take much computer power. There are always exceptions, but You can get usually away with a less expensive computer for these users.

How do I upgrade?

When do I upgrade? When I work on a computer for someone else and it's noticeably faster in a useable way. If I'm sitting around waiting for my computer and some other fancy new computer seems to be almost instant it's time for an upgrade. Time is money so I don't mind the investment.

My old workstation doesn't just vanish. I percolate the older computers down the line. Eventually I securely wipe out my oldest system and give it away to a charity or someone who needs a computer.

Upgrading your old computer vs. buying new

How old is your Computer?

Think of it like a car. If your car is relatively new and in good shape the right parts and a tune up can go a long way. Similarly, if your car is on it's last legs a shiny new muffler won't remove the rust from the rest of a car.

Just like a car, the older a computer the more likely you'll have expensive repairs down the road. At a certain point it's better to invest in a new computer that's faster and more reliable.

How much should I spend on a computer?

It really depends on what you need the computer to do.

No really, how much should I spend on a computer?

No really, it depends on what you need the computer to do.

If you spend too little you'll have to upgrade sooner. If you buy top of the line the price performance curve goes up steeply. I start off pricing a system with overall good value for money in the high middle range. Depending on what the computer is going to be used for I might spend more or less in certain areas.

Do you sell computers?

We are more than happy to helping you choose and setup a pc from your favourite vendor (Dell, HP, Toshiba, etc.).

No really, I heard you sell computers?

There's no profit in the computer sale itself -- we typically sell it at cost. We only custom build computers if we provide the setup and service along with the computer.

I like to be familiar with the guts inside. I like knowing that everything inside the box uses standard easy to replace parts. However, most people don't need or want a custom built pc. We really are just as happy to help you choose and setup a pc from your favourite vendor (Dell, HP, Toshiba, etc.)

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